Butterflies, Lipstick & Hand Grenades

by Chris Marsol

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When it comes to music, we like to pretend our world fits neatly into black and white, hip-hop and r&b, rock and rap. But is it possible that one artist can bring the rock, the soul and the pop music lover together in one blissful Technicolor orgy? If anyone can, it’s Chris Marsol. On his bold debut album, “Butterflies, Lipstick and Handgrenades” (Hiero Imperium), Marsol fuses together rock, soul, pop and electro, resulting in a record where no two tracks sound the same. Arranged and produced by Marsol, “Butterflies, Lipstick and Handgrenades,” drops March 30, 2010.

Marsol and his band made this record the old-fashioned way: they got together at FM studios in Berkeley, CA.

“It was a 24 hour recording session split up into two days,” explains Marsol. “Before the session, we rehearsed over a period of months to solidify the arrangements. Then we all tracked our parts simultaneously, in one huge recording room so the music had an organic sound because. We recorded it exactly the way we play it live at shows.”

How this rock artist ended on one of the Bay’s most esteemed and successful hip-hop brands? “In 2007 my business partner gave Hiero’s owner Tajai (of Souls of Mischief) some of my music. Unknown to us, Tajai had been listening to it while on tour. When he got back, a meeting was set up and we decided to work together.”

“I want my label to represent quality music in general, not just underground rap,” explains Tajai. “Chris has talent and energy that the world needs to see.”

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, home of Haight-Ashbury, Marsol is the product of the hippie movement, Psychedelic Rock, the Black Panthers. Admittedly, he wasn’t around during the revolution, but the spirit of art, freedom, and progressive thinking still illuminates the Bay Area — and Marsol’s music.

“As a child, I didn’t discriminate between genres of music,” notes Marsol, who includes Pink Floyd, Cream, Stevie Wonder, Nirvana, Genesis, Stone Temple Pilots, D’Angelo, Radiohead, and Hall and Oates among his favorite artists. “I only distinguished between what I liked and what I didn’t like.”

At 6, Chris was singing in his church choir and stealing the spotlight, dancing at his family reunions. By 11, he was locking himself in the bathroom, writing and recording his first songs with a Radio Shack tape recorder. At age 17 he taught himself how to play the piano and eventually taught himself the guitar.

When asked about the meaning of the album title, Marsol shrugs, “There’s no meaning until you create one.”

“Butterflies, Lipstick and Hand Grenades” drops March 30, 2010.

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released October 20, 2009



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Track Name: Red Snake
Red Snake

Get out but don’t you say goodbye
I’m flying blind but I’m still in between the lines
Green apples they just ain't that sweet
I lose 10 years every time we meet

She’s a red snake and she’s got on her white robe
She’s got on her white robe yeah
She’s falling from grace
She’s spinning out of control
She left her wings on the floor yeah

Ain't it about that time you shed your skin
Just ‘cause you’re crying doesn’t mean you win
You and me; we ain't never had no plans
I keep my third eye watching for your slight of hand

Come on baby take a ride we can head for the stars
We’ll burn up before we get there girl it’s not very far
Everybody’s gotta go
You can take the short cut home and I’ll walk alone
Girl your heart’s frozen up
Ain't no sweetness inside
On the outside is the frost and on the inside is ice
I got somebody you should meet he can be your king for a day
And whither away
Track Name: Party of Runners
Party of Runners

I been chased by the shadows down streets and long hallways
I sit back in confusion run amok and led astray
I’m gonna make it even if it kills me
But godoggit I hope it don’t
But tonight we’re gonna throw a party
Either you’ll come or you won’t

We’re on the run staring down the gun
Why don’t you come ‘cause you can’t run alone
Said we’re all on the run, staring down the gun
You can’t run alone

They came hungry and tired
Beat down and weathered by storm
They came running from nothing
Body’s worn in a silhouette form
I came staring down the barrel
I didn’t blink but I flinched one time
I got to running faster than an 8 ball
Through the veins of a wasted life
This is for the ones who came before me
Who got hosed and chased by dogs
Who fought back in the name of the revolution
And fought back for the cause
Track Name: Waiting For the World to go 'Round
Waiting for the World to go ‘Round

Well I’ll be, little mama looks like we’re free
I said a prayer; one for you and one for me
We laid down on our backs and stared at the stars
Got stupid and threw some rocks at cars
Who’da thought it would ever turn out this way?
‘cause I’m a loser but girl you’re on your way
Don’t forget little lady where you come from
‘cause we’re all on the run

Still can’t believe you’re leaving
The weather is deceiving
Please write me soon as you touch down
Don’t forget about me and you
If you left me what would I do?
I’m waiting for the world to go ‘round

When you’re there all by your lonely self
Does the world still turn? Are you someone else?
In time I know everything must change
24 and I got 6 to go
Then my world starts spinning right out of control
I’m holding on so I won’t have to let go
Track Name: 3 In The Morning
3 In The Morning

Open the blinds and let you in
You’re the sunshine, you’re not the wind
I held the rain a thousand years
That was the thing that caused my fears
I never thought it would be me
Fell off the cliff so easily
Laying in bed and I’m wide awake
Insomnia won’t go away

Girl its 3 in the morning; 3 in the morning
Girl, all of my thoughts burn up in you
Girl you gave no warning; there was no warning
Girl; obliterating my point of view

I can’t seem to get out my way
What if I asked for you to stay?
What if I held a hand again; would you forgive me for my sins?
All I can see is me and you
Sail down the sea of violet blue
Crimson the color of my heart
Take my hand and guide me through the dark

In the middle of the night
You flood my thoughts
My damn is broke I drift away
Trying not to move, waiting for the ball to drop
Trying not to think about the price to pay
I must’ve fell asleep thinking about you and me
The sun is shining in the sky signaling the break of day
Seems like anything is possible just as long as I’m asleep
Track Name: Let Me Jump
Let Me Jump

She was already late
Playing Russian roulette with a poisonous snake
Ripped jeans and a crooked smile
Make the sun come out when she opens the vile
I tried to run away
So she grabbed me by the collar and she told me to stay
Never could form a plan
So I grabbed my beach towel put my head in the sand now
Say you’re buying; I don’t care
Let me get out trying to get some air now
If I’m wrong you can let me know but I won’t be around

Let me jump now; let me jump
I’m gonna jump now; I’m gonna jump

Touch the moon and make it glow
Got my backpack on and I’m ready to go
Feel the wind in my face
If I turn around now will I win the race girl?
They say I’m all washed up
So I bust the door down no interrupt
Feel the rush in my veins
Now please sit down and I’m glad you came now
Sometimes I wanna cry but the tears won’t fall from my eyes girl
Sometimes I wanna crawl
Get down on my knees try not to fall yeah
Sometimes I try to pray but the demons won’t get out my way girl
In the end it’s all a game and I won’t be around
Track Name: Take it or Leave it
Take it or Leave it

My mamma say I’m outta control
Kinda like a comet headed straight for the road
Baby boy you look like a sinner
Said…I aint the type that wears his suits to dinner
I’m the type that dirties you in the morning
And I’m the type that never know where I’m going
Puddles land when I’m crass and I’m rude
You don’t like it girl I’ll tell you what to do

Just take it or leave
Just take it or leave it
Just take it or leave it
Just take it or leave it
‘cause you know I get by
I always get by
Baby look in my eyes
Would I tell you one lie?
Don’t’ believe it
Just take it or leave it
Just take it or leave it
You can take it or leave it
‘cause you know I get by
I always get by
Baby look in my eyes
I’ll be alright

My girl friends say I got no direction
Love is war so I got some protection
Look at me coming out of the blue
Doesn’t matter what you say ‘cause I know what I’m doing
Now girl I’ll tell you what to do
Grab my beer and make sure you’re quiet
Don’t wanna hear your mouth before I light up this fire
I’ll be out late, make sure you’re here
If you’re gonna cry just make sure they’re tears

You try your best to run away
But in the end you always stay
You don’t like me I won’t complain
Promise the world will still remain
I am a rock have always been
But I can make you smile again
The rain always comes when I’m around
Track Name: She Don't Care
She Don’t Care

She’s fire in the summer, she’s only 16
Burn a hole right through your veins and then watch you bleed
Her purple lipstick on the broken glass
Her boots are treading softly and their full of cash
She needs a ride and a boy and a fake ID
Or she’ll steal her mother’s car if she can find the keys
Cocaine, and hairspray and some cali weed
And she might just grab a shot right before she leaves

This aint fair
(she don’t care)
She don’t care
(she don’t care)
Truth or dare
(she don’t care)
Just don’t care
(she don’t care)

She’s swerving down the street driving much too fast
Scared to death that her foot won’t come off the gas
She’s kissing satellites on the way to school
She’s thinking trigonometry’s only for fools
She’s empty now like the desert sun
She’s laughing now
She’s on the run

Mama can’t tell her nothing and her daddy is gone on a mission
Her friends are her family
Now is the time for somebody to please give a damn
‘cause she don’t care
Track Name: Are You Gonna Get Me Back?
Are You Gonna Get Me Back?

Never meant to run into that girl
In fact you know what it was…an accident my baby
My rocket ship went up in a buzz
Now you tell me that you will forgive me girl
So I’m standing at your door with my bags my baby
And are we happy again?

I’m looking around and I’m wondering what you’re gonna do
Now that you took me back
Are you gonna get me back?
‘cause I’m holding your hand and you’re smiling
But there’s something new
Girl you won’t call me back
Are you gonna get me back?

I remember like its yesterday
You were a puddle on the floor from what I did my baby
I had a dream that you stabbed me girl
You stabbed me in the back and tried to kiss me baby
And who’s that on your phone?
Track Name: I Hate to Lose
I Hate to Lose

I tried my best to disappear
Turns out somebody knew my name
I bought you diamonds wrapped in trash
I thought you’d love them just the same
I’m going down a road of lefts when all I wanna do is right

I’m not giving up without a fight
I’m hoping my luck will change tonight
His joy is written on your lips
My hands are wrapped around your hips
I’m not gonna beg for you to choose
‘cause you know I wouldn’t want to lose
‘cause I hate to lose

I’m ran my race, I jogged in place
But still somehow I let you down
I fell from grace baby what a waste
I hit but did not make a sound

I’m stuck like a tree
My roots are as deep as they can go
Wherever you are; whatever you do I’m
I’m in the cold
We slide in the rain; we dive in the pain
And then we grow
Track Name: $ On The Nightstand
$ On the Nightstand

She was a face in a crowd so alone and unsure
Our eyes would connect from a place I had not known before
Filled with the lust and the pain of the disappointing things
That went and took her by the hand

Let’s get out of this party
And let me get your name before we get started…we could
Let’s roll over to the city
I’m staring at the lights and you sure look pretty baby
You are all I ever needed and if I tell a lie baby don’t you believe it
We could make love staring at the night sky
Here take a hit…now together we fly

She wears a smile on her face but the pain never left
Watching the tears as they fall from her eyes on my chest
Now what could this be but the fate of those lost memories
Of what was and always will be?

The money’s on the nightstand baby
Why does this always happen to you?
I left the money on the nightstand baby
Why does this always happen to you?
And you never had a dream come true
Why does this always happen to you?
I left the money on the nightstand baby
Why does this always happen to you?
Track Name: Blood On the Rug
Blood on the Rug

Look at the sun chasing away the rain
Look at your drugs chasing away the pain
You slit my wrist and you left me alone to bleed
I stuck around, guess you gave me just what I need

Have you ever been lonely where you always would come back around?
I must’ve been lonely for me to always come back… come back around

Drowned in a hole so I’m reaching out for your hand
There’s no escape so I prayed you’d understand
A smile and a frown as your words cut me in two
Blood on the rug
Now tell me what should I do?

Should’ve been you
Instead it was me who was running away from the glare of the sun
The sun won’t replace the heat that I’ve lost
And the time that was wasted while waiting for you
How could this be?
No dignity and no pride
In the blink of an eye it was clear
Nobody’s here
Gravity leads me right back to you

Have you ever been lonely where you always would come back around?
Baby are you lonely? Is that why you always come back around?
Baby are you lonely? Is that why you always come back around?
Baby you can blow me. Don’t you ever come back….come back around
Track Name: Butterflies, Lipstick & Hand Grenades
Butterfly’s Lipstick and Hand Grenades

Everybody wants to kiss you
Everybody wants to run away
Everybody says they miss you
But in the end nobody wants to stay
Chase a tiger down an alley
Grab his tail and then you fall apart
Eat your pancakes on an airplane
Trying to find your way in the dark

Butterflies, lipstick and hand grenades
They all just come undone
Butterflies, lipstick and hand grenades
Shall we all just come undone?

I don’t want for you to want me
I just need a little joy tonight
Garter belts and perfume haunt me
I was never one for putting up a fight
Yesterday I was a banker
Hopped in my ride and then I rolled away
Then my money started leaking
I tried to fix it but I couldn’t pay
Track Name: Venus Sunrise
Venus Sunrise

Sniffing the clouds
Walking at night
Sunglasses on
No people in sight
The sun don’t come here..it just stays away
The butterflies gather together
They pray
The bomb don’t go off before they get a chance
To lay in the sun and dig their feet in the sand
But its just a dream; a beautiful dream
That won’t let go of me

Staring deep into my black eyes
Landing on the Venus sunrise
Rocks are floating right above me
Hope that they don’t fall
Looking over every shoulder
Paid the price
I had to know her
Use to be a million reasons
Now there’s none at all

Drowned in the rain
I drank from the site that made me believe
That this was alright
Now I’m betrayed by the truth again
Hope is the last unforgivable sin
“Sorry’s” the word
Another mistake
Punish me now for the hearts that I break
Bullet to brain
Bullet to the brain
Let’s repeat again

Did you give yourself away?
Are you too ashamed to say?
Will you aim the gun and pull?
Yes…I made you the fool